ASAP Scrabble celebrates teamwork and inspires joy for wordplay.

With more than 1,100 students playing in 85 clubs, ASAP Scrabble is the largest program of its kind in the country. A great complement to classroom learning, Scrabble reinforces students’ reading, vocabulary, dictionary and math skills, while also teaching important lessons about teamwork and sportsmanship.

ASAP Scrabble provides equipment, training, and other resources to help schools, libraries, recreation centers, and community sites run after school and summer Scrabble clubs. Through weekly play, citywide tournaments and family-friendly events, ASAP Scrabble fosters a community of young wordsmiths eager to test their skills alongside like-minded peers.

If you are a youth or a parent/guardian of a student in Philadelphia who is interested in playing Scrabble after school or in the summer, click this map to find an ASAP Scrabble club near you. Or to learn more, contact or call 215-607-2069

If you want to start an ASAP Scrabble club at your school or site, click here to learn more.

ASAP provides its club leaders with training, equipment, and resources to run fun and engaging Scrabble clubs.

If you are a teacher, school administrator, site staff, parent or student looking to start an ASAP Scrabble club at your location, click here.

If you are interested in volunteering to support an ASAP Scrabble club, click here.

From November through February, ASAP runs the Philadelphia Scholastic Scrabble League with more than 130 students competing in novice, intermediate, and advanced divisions. The Scrabble League is open to Philadelphia public and charter schools and transportation is provided to after school matches for elementary and middle school teams. To join ASAP’s Philadelphia Scholastic Scrabble League, please contact or call 215.545.2727 ext. 13.

ASAP Scrabble hosts in-person and virtual events throughout the year to boost students’ Scrabble skills and reading abilities. Students in grades 3-12 pair up to compete and share their love of the game. ASAP Scrabble events also offer fun opportunities for early readers (grades K-2) such as Scrabble SLAM and interactive read-alouds. Check out our calendar for upcoming events. Pre-registration is required for all in-person Scrabble events.

ASAP Scrabble also hosts the Philly High School Mentor program. The goal of the mentor program is to place talented high school Scrabble players in existing middle and elementary school Scrabble clubs to serve as peer-to-peer role models and to assist Scrabble coaches in teaching essential skills to younger players.

To register for an event or learn more about special programming, please contact

Our players in action

Through year-round programming, ASAP Scrabble helps students discover new words and new friends

“After school, they could be anywhere. But these are middle school kids saying: I want to be a part of THIS.” – Kelly Andrews, ASAP Scrabble Coach, AMY Northwest
“A boy just yelled for me to come because he got a 39 point word. They’re calling my name. ‘Miss Dougherty, Miss Dougherty!’ They’re so proud.” – Jen Dougherty, guidance counselor, Wagner Middle School
Students gather around the Giant Scrabble Rug, forming new words as a team!
Philly Scrabble Mentor, Heather Jordan, assists younger Scrabble enthusiasts in Scrabble SLAM games at Scrabble 101.

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