Our Impact

After school isn’t just a time when kids get to BE themselves — it’s a time when kids get to BECOME themselves through enriching experiences that develop important skills, foster positive relationships, and broaden their horizons.

Through our flagship initiatives – ASAP Chess, ASAP Debate, ASAP Drama, and ASAP Scrabble – we engage 5,000 Philadelphia children (grades K-12) each year in fun, challenging activities that help them thrive in and outside of the classroom.

As a partner, community-builder, and advocate, ASAP rallies a broad coalition of stakeholders to close the activity gap for underserved youth throughout Philadelphia.


Each year, ASAP partners with more than 200 schools, libraries, recreation, and community centers throughout Philadelphia to provide after school and summer activities

ASAP’s programs are designed to help partner their support their students’ academic, social, and emotional development through a combination of structured programming and informal play. Simply put, it’s learning disguised as fun!

  • 97% of ASAP club leaders, mostly school teachers, agree that ASAP’s programming helps their students develop habits that are important to their academic success
  • 93% of principals agree ASAP helps provide their students with opportunities they could not otherwise offer

Community Builder

ASAP organizes dozens of after school, weekend, and summer events each year to sharpen students’ skills and foster a sense of community among diverse groups of youth

ASAP’s events include monthly chess and debate tournaments, Scrabble events, drama performances and trips to professional productions – the majority of which are held at local cultural institutions as well as colleges and universities in the region. Offered at no cost to partner sites and families, ASAP’s events create important milestones that keep student’s pushing to be their best.

  • 91% of ASAP club leaders, mostly school teachers, agree their ASAP club has given their students a sense of belonging
  • 90% of principals agree ASAP helps them support a positive school culture


For nearly two decades ASAP has been the leading voice in the Philadelphia region for the importance of after school programs

Since 2003, the ASAP Directory has been the go-to resource for families and caregivers looking for after school and summer programs as well as for out-of-school time providers looking to promote their programs.

  • 50,000 visits to ASAP’s online Directory of After School Programs since 2015
  • Printed version of the 2018 ASAP Directory reached over 600,000 readers

Now, ASAP is happy to announce that it is working with the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Children & Families and the Citywide Out-of-School Time Initiative to launch a new-and-improved search tool, the After School and Summer Program Locator.