ASAP coordinates four citywide initiatives that engage 5,000 youth (grades K-12) each year in fun, enriching out-of-school time activities and experiences that develop critical academic, social, and emotional skills.

ASAP Chess

With 150 clubs meeting weekly and competing monthly, ASAP Chess develops the problem-solving and strategic-thinking skills of more than 2,300 youth.

For the past five decades, Philadelphia has been a powerhouse in the world of scholastic chess. ASAP Chess is proud to continue that tradition by supporting chess clubs in schools, libraries, and recreation centers throughout the city.

Through programs like the Philadelphia Scholastic Chess League, the Checkmate Violence Chess Marathon, and Philly Girls Play Chess, ASAP Chess invites students to showcase their brilliance and celebrate their love for the game amongst a community of like-minded peers.

These are just a few reasons why Philadelphia was named the 2019 Chess City of the Year by the United States Chess Federation.

ASAP Debate

Through ASAP Debate, over 500 youth in 40 middle and high school clubs explore important issues while building critical reading and public speaking skills.

Since 2006ASAP has organized the Philadelphia Scholastic Debate League, one of the largest urban debate leagues in the country. Following the National Speech and Debate Association rules for Public Forum Debate, middle and high school students learn to appreciate different perspectives while creating persuasive arguments and on a wide range of timely and complex topics.

Each July, ASAP hosts its Summer Debate Academy. The free two-week summer camp is designed to help novice debaters build leadership and public speaking skill while taking their game to the next level.

ASAP Drama

For more than 950 youth in 27 clubs, ASAP Drama nurtures young people’s powers of expression, teamwork skills and cultural knowledge through participating in group performances and attending professional productions.

ASAP Drama is Barrymore Award-nominated theater education program that uses arts-integration strategies to help schools and community centers build literacy-rich environments outside of the school day.

Through a variety of theatrical experiences and workshops led by professional teaching artists, ASAP Drama students are welcomed into Philadelphia’s vibrant arts community and exposed to a variety of artistic disciplines.

ASAP Scrabble

Through weekly play and citywide events, ASAP Scrabble strengthens the essential building blocks of literacy and mathematics for more than 1,100 students in 85 clubs.

ASAP Scrabble offers a fun and easy way for educators and volunteers to complement classroom learning while also teaching important lessons about teamwork and sportsmanship.

ASAP Scrabble is the largest program of its kind in the country and has recently launched the Philadelphia Scholastic Scrabble League to challenge and inspire the city’s next generation of young wordsmiths.