ASAP Drama inspires young people to celebrate their powers of expression and imagination.

With 27 clubs serving nearly 1,000 youth, ASAP Drama gives schools and community sites resources and support to build literacy-rich environments that encourage creativity and promote empathy.

ASAP Drama provides curriculum, training, professional teaching artists, and culminating events to help sites build strong drama programs. In addition, through partnerships with local theatres and local artists, ASAP Drama provides a variety of enriching and interactive experiences to nurture students’ confidence and ability to express themselves.

If you are a youth or a parent/guardian of a student in Philadelphia who is interested in participating in drama after school or in the summer, contact drama@phillyasap.org or call 215.607.2069.

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ASAP provides its club leaders with curriculum, training, equipment, and resources to run high-quality drama clubs.

If you are a teacher, school administrator, site staff, parent or student looking to start an ASAP Drama club at your location, click here.

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Artist-led Curriculum: Each year ASAP partners with a select group of sites to place a professional teaching artist for a year-long residency. These sites follow an ASAP Drama original curriculum with structured lesson plans to help students explore the essential messages of different texts related to the year’s chosen theme. Artist-led drama clubs come together each spring for a citywide showcase to perform original devised pieces inspired by the curriculum. Past curricula include Building Character: Finding the Superhero in You and Building Community: Creating a World of Wonder.

Bilingual Multi-School Musical: Since 2015, ASAP Drama and ASPIRA of PA, Inc. have collaborated on an annual bilingual multi-school musical theatre production to inspire the city’s emerging LatinX population to celebrate their heritage and discover their unique voices. Each production engages dozens of students from ASPIRA’s five schools in all aspects of the production, including acting, stage management, and sound and lighting.

Student Masterclass: ASAP Drama organizes an annual Student Masterclass that engages more than 100 youth in interactive workshops led by local artists. Past workshops have included Acting on Camera, Poetry on Stage, Dance & Movement, and Puppetry.

ASAP Drama Festival: ASAP organizes a year-end festival for drama clubs across the city that features workshops, individual and group performance competitions, and a professional performance.

Our Players in Action

Through year-round programming, ASAP Drama nurtures young people’s powers of expression and fosters a sense of community among youth from across the city

“I’m not only improving myself, I am improving my community by showing what we can create with our minds and with our hearts.” – Demadelye, 10th grade
“I come from two different cultures. Drama’s helped me get in touch with my African-American and my Spanish side at the same time.” – Kiara, 8th grade, Bilingual Multi-School Musical performer
In 2018 ASAP Drama debuted Building Character: Finding the Superhero in You. Using comic books and graphic novels as inspiration, students worked with local teaching artists to create their own superhero characters.
“Sometimes when kids transition to high school, they don’t have an identity, they feel like they don’t have a voice. Drama helps you learn who you are.” – Ms. Parker, ASAP Drama Leader, West Philly High

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