ASAP Stories

ASAP students’ stories come to life

ASAP Chess

“I wanted Daphne to feel she was part of something greater. Chess gave my daughter a second family.”

-To-Lan Hughes, mother of Daphne, age 8

ASAP Debate

“Debate taught me that the other side has solutions that could work. Being able to listen and have a conversation — that strengthens you as a person.”

-Mekhi, ASAP Debate alum

ASAP Drama

“Performing lets people see who I really am without the shyness. I embrace myself and let others see the real me.”

Ceanni, 8th grade, cast member of the 2019 bilingual production of Fame Jr.

ASAP Scrabble

“Scrabble has helped me find friends who share a love of words. It’s a community.”

Heather, 9th grade, Myers Rec Center

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