Looking back and looking ahead!

Earlier this year you may recall meeting 10th grader Serenity Freeman as she navigated the challenges of online learning and rediscovered a love for (virtual) Scrabble at her new school.  

What’s Serenity up to now? She just competed in the North American School Scrabble Championships for the second time! And while Nationals looked a little different this year, the spirit of competition was very much alive:

“I had some competitors that really kept me on my toes! I was adjusting my strategy and analysis with every competitor! It was a nice exercise for my brain, which, in all honesty, was rather numb from my schoolwork.”

– Serenity Freeman, 10th Grade, ASAP Scrabble

What moment was she most proud of?

“I got bingo in my last round! I played BANDITS for 68 points! I completed my goal and it made me feel even better about my games.”

-Serenity Freeman, 10th Grade

ASAP is so proud of all the hard work that Serenity put into her game play this year—even when the odds were stacked against her. As for next year?

“I’m going for more. I’m going to incorporate more bingos in my games, along with other longer words, and the craziest words I can use! I saw a lot of wild plays during my games so I want to fire back with some next year!”

-Serenity Freeman, 10th grade

Today marks the last day of our fiscal year, capping what has been, without question, one of the most challenging periods in our nearly twenty-year history. As we look back, we are proud of the accomplishments of our students, awed by the perseverance of our partners, and humbled by the generous support we have received from so many who have helped us meet this moment.

Now set to resume in-person programming this summer, we feel a great sense of purpose in the role ASAP will play in creating safe spaces for kids to experience all the things they have missed this past year.

With your continued support, we can help thousands of young people throughout Philadelphia reignite that same passion and love for learning that Serenity rediscovered when she joined the Scrabble club at her new school. And in the process, we can help students rebuild a feeling of connection to their schools and restore a sense of belonging among their peers —  one Chess, Debate, Drama and Scrabble club at a time.

We know they’re ready!

“I can’t wait to see people again and be in the center of learning energy.”

-Serenity Freeman, 10th grade

Thank you for helping ASAP get ready!