ASAP Scrabble recreates excitement & sense of community amid pandemic

As the pandemic continues to present a variety of challenges for schools and families, ASAP remains committed to helping children throughout Philadelphia do the things that they love after school while staying safe and healthy.

But keeping this commitment to our students has forced ASAP to reimagine much of its traditional programming.

This fall, ASAP Scrabble has been hard at work recreating the excitement and sense of community that helped make it the largest program of its kind in the nation. But instead of bringing students to large citywide Scrabble tournaments each month, we’ve brought the Scrabble to them!

Starting in October, ASAP Scrabble launched its Scholastic League by arranging kick-off events at each of the participating schools’ home base. And thanks to long-time ASAP partner, John Green (AKA Johnny Scrabble), this kick-off event came complete with excitement and pizza!!

[Read more about ASAP partner, John Green]

After a year of marked by so much uncertainty, the students and coaches appreciated the opportunity to pick up where they left off:

Across the city, Coach Ed McGinley from the McCloskey School Scrabble team expressed similar sentiments:

ASAP is happy to be a part of that excitement of safely coming back together.

These school and club testimonies continue to be important reminders that the potential of children in our city is limited only by the opportunities and support that are made available to them. So this giving season, we ask that you help ASAP give students throughout Philadelphia the after school opportunities and experiences they deserve.

How you can help

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