As a finalist for the Wawa Hero Award(click here to vote) ASAP is highlighting the many heroes who who lend their time and talents to engage & inspire children throughout Philadelphia. Today, ASAP celebrates Christina May, aka Starfire, hero on-and-off the stage.

ASAP Drama has been the organization’s fastest growing initiative in recent years. A key to ASAP Drama’s success has been the amazingly talented and dedicated teaching artists who bring their passion and experience to excite the imaginations of youth throughout the city.

One of the brightest and most colorful lights in the ASAP Drama universe is Ms. Christina May, aka Starfire. A devoted advocate for the performing arts, Christina (Starfire) uses her light and energy to love, create, and inspire artists of all mediums and all ages. Christina has brightened the Philadelphia arts community for more than 15 years working as an actor, director, and teaching artist at places like Walnut Street Theatre, the Arden, and the Painted Bride Arts Center.

This year, Christina led ASAP Drama clubs at Morton and Hunter Elementary where she used comic books and graphic novels to inspire students to create and perform superheroes of their own.

“I went to Hunter Elementary growing up and I’m from their neighborhood– so I have been in their shoes before. I know they have so much potential, they just need to be exposed to these kinds of opportunities.” –Wilfredo Amill, Activities Coordinator at Hunter Elementary on the ASAP Drama program

On her ability to engage the kids she serves, Christina is characteristically playful: “I’m like Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus coming to teach you drama.”

Wilfredo states the kids ask him throughout the week about when Ms. Christina is coming in. “ASAP Drama has been a light for us here at Hunter and we are so appreciative of your work and the lovely Christina May.”

ASAP is grateful for Christina and all of its teaching artists for sharing their fantastic superpowers to enrich and inspire children throughout the city. We hope you will join us in celebrating all of ASAP’s heroes by voting ASAP for the Wawa Hero Award.With your help, ASAP can win up to $50,000 to celebrate and support the many caring adults who make Philadelphia a safer, smarter and more colorful city one after school club at a time.


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