ASAP Debaters find their voice!

First Year Debaters Thrive in ASAP High School League

One of the many joys of starting a new ASAP Debate season is welcoming new students into the debate community. For each new debater comes major milestones: their first practice, first competition, and, perhaps most excitingly, their first win. Earlier this December, two talented new debaters from Northeast High School, Jenny and Shanley, earned their first debate victory ever.

Despite being entirely new to Public Forum debate, the duo are learning quickly and hitting their stride. Their judge awarded them the win and offered encouragement: 

“Great job! I thought your arguments were well-presented, well-organized, and creative.”

And as for Jenny, she is already recognizing the benefits of participating in her ASAP Debate club.

“Ever since joining the debate club, it has widened my horizon of knowledge and improved my confidence. Winning a debate tournament forms such an irreplaceable feeling inside me.”

-Jenny, Northeast High School, ASAP Debate Student

No one could be prouder than their ASAP Debate club coach, Ms. Theresa Bramwell! She shared her thoughts about her club’s excellence this season:

“The Northeast High School debate team is doing very well this year. We were able to recruit two new students and continue to garner interest from others. Our novice team has been very successful so far with a 1-1 record. The students enjoy the research and the camaraderie provided by debate.”

-Theresa Bramwell, Northeast High School, ASAP Debate Coach

We congratulate all new debaters like Shanley and Jenny for their dedication and commitment so far this season and wish all ASAP PSDL participants success in the coming matches!

These virtual debates are just one of the many ways ASAP continues to empower and inspire kids throughout Philadelphia. As we remain laser-focused on giving children in Philadelphia the enrichment opportunities they deserve, we are most grateful for your continued support and partnership.

How you can help

Donation Cards

All donations made to ASAP throughout this season will be receipted with a card to pair with your loved ones’ gifts, sharing the impact your donation made this year: an opportunity for our city’s young people to discover new worlds, new talents and new friends, even when we are apart.

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