ASAP Debate: Connection, Learning and Friendship

ASAP is hard at work preparing to transition to in-person programming this coming summer and school year. But part of that process is reflection. One of the ways in which we are gearing up is by taking the time to listen to what our students have to say regarding what it really meant to be virtual this past year. 

And for ASAP Debate students, speaking their mind came pretty naturally. 

Through student surveys and conversations, ASAP found that many debate students valued the opportunity to continue learning, researching and conversing new debate topics together— even if being virtual wasn’t their first choice.

“…Virtual debate helped me connect to students from other schools.  It also helped me see their point of view on the different topics we debated with the information they found.” 

– Celeste Camp, 8th Grade, Martha Washington Middle School

And for others like Lilla Stall of Science Leadership Academy, it was about honing in on community, connection and friendship at a time when we had to remain physically separated:

In a year full of firsts, ASAP remains motivated by our student debaters’ appreciation and positive outlook on virtual after school opportunities. And although not everything was perfect, ASAP was and continues to be proud to offer a community space for students to grow, learn and stay connected to likeminded peers.  

If you’d like to support ASAP students and programs this summer and coming school year: