ASAP Chess Alum Connects With Youth During Time Apart

While ASAP Chess may not be meeting in-person, chess clubs in Philadelphia are still teaming up to face-off virtually against opponents across the city. Using the online platform, ASAP Chess has hosted a series of events that feature formal tournament play, interactive lessons and, most recently, workshops led by chess experts.

Pre-tournament Zoom workshops, in particular, have proven very popular among students and coaches eager to take a deeper dive into strategies and tactics. For example, in December students have been learning about the strengths and weaknesses of knights and bishops based on board positions – knowledge they can immediately turn into a winning strategy for their tournament matches.

“It was a good to learn on how bishops dominate knights and how knights dominate bishops. It was very cool.”

-Johnson He, Ziegler Elementary, 8th grade

Adding to the appeal of these workshops is that they’re led by ASAP Chess alum Angelo Dellamargio. A dedicated student and teacher of the game, in recent years you’d be likely find Angelo at ASAP’s Saturday tournaments surrounded by eager elementary school students of various ages from different schools trying to analyze their game play before the next match. Angelo’s natural rapport with the kids, who trust his knowledge and look forward to tuning into his virtual workshops, has helped sustain a sense of community among chess players who haven’t seen one another for months. For Angelo, that feeling is mutual.

These workshops are just one of the many ways ASAP has continued to connect kids in Philadelphia with caring adults and keep them engaged in learning when the school day ends. As we remain laser-focused on giving children in Philadelphia the enrichment opportunities they deserve, we are most grateful for your continued support and partnership.

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