Happy Afterschool Professionals’ Appreciation Week

How are you celebrating the #HeartOfAfterSchool?

Did you know this week is afterschool professionals’ appreciation week?

Did you know this week ASAP is also releasing its spring impact letter?

Coincidentally, the letter highlights two phenomenal afterschool professionals — Hope McDowell and Kate McGrath! Together, they have co-led the ASAP Drama club at Martha Washington School in West Philly for the past four years. Nevertheless, even during the pandemic, this dynamic duo made sure the students at Martha Washington never stopped creating and telling their own stories.

We certainly appreciate Hope and Kate for lending their time and talents to enrich their students afterschool! And after you read our letter, we’re even more confident you’ll appreciate them too! In the meantime, read on to learn more about Hope, Kate, and their ASAP Drama club!

A Story from Planet Hot Sauce

Firstly, Max is an immortal from the Planet Hot Sauce; his specialty is sabotage. Secondly? Speedgamer is a cyborg from Earth who survived the experiments of an evil scientist. Max and Speedgamer are the creations of Naquan and Josh, 3rd graders from the ASAP Drama Club at Martha Washington Elementary. This May, they will perform their alter egos alongside students from across the city at the ASAP Drama Festival.

When Naquan and Josh joined drama club they probably wouldn’t have guessed by the end of the year, they’d be seasoned playwrights. According to Ms. Hope, this is all part of the process.

Professionals Create Literacy Rich Environments

With support from the William Penn Foundation ASAP Drama has been partnering with afterschool professionals like Hope and Kate to create FUN, literacy-rich environments for K-3 students in Philadelphia schools and community centers.

This year, Hope and Kate have utilized ASAP Drama’s original curriculum, titled The World Around Me.After school, students explore how storytelling elements such as setting, characters, and monologues, can also be discovered in their everyday experiences!

Thanks to professionals Hope and Kate, the students of Martha Washington know that their ideas, stories, and voices deserve to be heard.

From Philadelphia all the way to Planet Hot Sauce.

Meet Two Dedicated Afterschool Professionals!

So who exactly are these dedicated afterschool professionals turning ordinary students like Naquan, Josh, and Kennedy into superheroes and supervillains?!

Swipe to find out!

Furthermore, ASAP is privileged to work with extraordinary professionals like Hope and Kate, and countless others like them! They have truly dedicated themselves to enriching the lives of young people in Philadelphia.  

Finally, please join us in celebrating all of our city’s wonderful afterschool professionals this week for their commitment to giving students like Kennedy, Naquan, and Josh, the afterschool opportunities they deserve.

How you can help

If you’d like to help ASAP create more opportunities for youth in Philadelphia (not Planet Hot Sauce), we hope you will consider donating.

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**And don’t forget: if you plan to mail a check, ASAP has a new home located at One Penn Center – 1617 JFK Blvd., Suite 1855, Philadelphia, PA 19103-1823