Drama Festival 2017 Awards

On May 25, 2017, under the direction of Drama Manger Kenya Gayles and Festival Coordinator Sarah Kirk, 120 K-12th grade students participated in the inaugual Drama Festival. Young people from an array of Philadelphia neighborhoods, shared an excerpt of what they’ve been working on all year, competed in individual and group events, received training and feedback from active Philadelphia professionals, participated in workshops that developed their skills, represented their school on a city-wide platform, and collaborated with other young people who also participate in drama at their sites.  None of this would be possible without the dedication and support of the Drama Leader Council (DLC). Below are the results of the Mainstage, Ministage, and Competition Divisions!


Festival 2017 Awardees





Drama Leader of the Year-

Drama Littles

Northwood Academy- CORA

Ann Clayton

Drama Leader of the Year-

Middle School

Overbrook Educational Center

Kaitlyn Cox

Drama Leader of the Year-

High School

Furness High School

Melissa Keith

Drama Leader of the Year- Volunteer

Overbrook Educational Center

Zenobia Barnes

Drama Champion of the Year 

(awarded to a partner or supporter who shows exemplary dedication to the vision of ASAP Drama)

For the partnership with the Lantern Theater Company

Craig Getting, Education Director, Lantern Theater

Contemporary Scenes Section-

1st place

Furness High School

Sabrina, Serena, Destiny

Broadway Section (musical theatre)- 1st place

Multi-School Musical

Raquel and Apsley

Broadway Section (musical theatre)- 2nd place

Multi-School Musical

Nayelli and Sarah 

Broadway Section (musical theatre)- 3rd place

Multi-School Musical


The Bard Section (Shakespeare)- 1st place

Olney High School


The Bard Section (Shakespeare)- 2nd place

MLK Jr. Rec


The Bard Section (Shakespeare)- 3rd place

Olney High School


HS Mainstage Performance- 1st place

Furness High School


HS Mainstage Performance- 2nd place

Olney High School


MS Mainstage Performance- 1st place

mixed sites group- Group 4


MS Mainstage Performance- 2nd place

mixed sites group- Group 2


MS Mainstage Performance- 3rd place

mixed sites group- Group 5


Drama Littles Ministage Performance- 1st place

AS Jenks


Drama Littles Ministage Performance- 2nd  place

MLK Jr. Rec


Drama Littles Ministage Performance- 3rd place

Martha Washington School


Attending Sites: Olney Charter High School, Furness High School, Hunter Elementary, Duckery School, Cramp Elementry, Martha Washington School, MLK Rec Center, AS Jenks School, and Multi-School Musical (includes students from Stetson Middle, Hostos Charter, Bilingual Cyber Charter, Pantoja Charter)

DLC members: Emily Guck-McGuigan (Olney HS), Melissa Keith (Furness HS), Nubia Ebah (MLK Rec), Derek Muller (Galvin Rec), Ireena Blackwell (volunteer, Key School)


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