A middle school student runs the followspot during ASAP Drama/ASPIRA Arts first multi-school musical.
Stetson Middle School students gaze out they window as the approach NYC to see their first Broadway musical.
Students eagerly write original characters in the play writing workshop at ASAP Drama's first Student Masterclass.
An ASAP Drama volunteer mans the book table as drama students look for a book to inspire them.
Furness High School students perform an original play at the ASAP Drama Showcase.
An ASAP Drama Leader mans the sound board alongside a drama student during a performance.
Ten diverse sites from the ASAP Drama network of programs gather to do a show circle before they all perform at the ASAP Drama Showcase.
Drama Littles (K-4th grade) from Women's Christian Alliance perform their version of Chicken Little.

For more than 1,000 youth in 40 clubs, ASAP Drama coordinates after school programs throughout Philadelphia, while nurturing young people’s powers of expression, team work skills and cultural knowledge through participating in group performances and attending professional productions. Through these clubs, ASAP Drama seeks to develop students’ artistic, academic, and social skill sets while promoting positive behavior and creative expression. ASAP Drama's programs incorporate multiple skills such as public speaking, improvisation, character development, group dynamics, technical theater, theater management, and creative writing. These skills enable students to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the dramatic arts while teaching oral and written communication, leadership, and effective collaboration.

Philadelphia’s rich arts and culture community offers ASAP Drama an excellent opportunity to introduce the benefits of the dramatic arts to local youth. To that end, ASAP Drama recruits volunteers and Teaching Artist to lead high quality programs. Partnering closely with the Lantern Theater Company, ASAP Drama coordinates a series of training modules led by veteran drama instructors to provide tools for behavior management, positive self-expression and lesson/ program building. ASAP Drama also hosts culminating showcases, student masterclasses, trips to professional productions, and drama festivals with competitions and performance opportunities. 

ASAP Drama envisions a city that embraces the educational and inspirational impact of the dramatic arts in empowering youth to become leaders in their schools and communities. Through providing young people with diverse opportunities for creative expression, Philadelphia will become a city where youth voices resonate and their ideas and stories matter. ASAP Drama’s mission is to develop the next generation of creative leaders through collaborative activities that improve young people’s academic and artistic abilities and exposes them to new cultural and social knowledge.  


For more information about ASAP Drama, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 215-545-2727 X19.


Multi-School Musical 

In May 2019, ASAP Drama and ASPIRA of PA will breathe new life into the Broadway hit Fame Jr. by presenting four bilingual performances of the classic coming of age story of a group of teenagers auditioning for the prestigious New York High School of Performing Arts. With permission from Music Theatre International, ASAP and ASPIRA’s production marks the first time Fame has ever been performed in both English and Spanish! By modifying the script to feature Spanish dialogue, lyrics, and cultural references, ASAP and ASPIRA hope to inspire the city’s emerging LatinX population to celebrate their heritage and discover their unique voices.

Fame Jr. is the 4th musical co-produced by ASAP and ASPIRA. Referred to as the Multi-School Musical, the annual partnership brings together dozens of middle school students from four schools across North Philadelphia to collaborate on every facet of theatre production, including acting, stage direction, set design, and sound and lighting. Click here for more information about Fame Jr., including background, tickets and how you can support with a donation!


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