ASAP Drama Students Study the World of Poe

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ASAP Drama students tour Poe’s Philadelphia home to lift the author’s work off the page.

ASAP Drama Students Study the World of Poe

On Friday, October 2nd students from Stetson Middle School and Olney High School were given the opportunity to tour the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site and Eastern State Penitentiary as the kick-off field trip for ASAP Drama's special program focusing on the works of Edgar Allan Poe. 

ASAP Drama will engage in activities that explore Poe’s trademark themes and harnesses the city’s unique cultural and historical resources to bring Poe to life.  Through this project, students from elementary, middle, and high school drama clubs will examine the work of Edgar Allan Poe during weekly after school drama clubs. ASAP’s sessions will support students’ study of Poe through a variety of literacy activities as well as student and professional performances.

Poe lived in Philadelphia from 1837 to 1844, during which he published 31 stories including "The Tell-Tale Heart."  ASAP has connected with a local Poe historian and impersonator, to perform dramatic interpretations of Poe. 

PhillyBOOST Features ASAP!

ASAP is so grateful for what an awesome partner PhillyBOOST has been so when they said they would feature us on their page we were so excited! Take a look below at some of the great quotes they collected:  

Here is what Justin Ennis (ED) has to say about utilizing the System and related support provided by PhillyBOOST:

"As a small non-profit, the ability to collect and interpret data is essential to how we communicate the story of ASAP to partners, funders, and families in Philadelphia. Like many of our peers, we have survived without the in-house technical ability to customize a database that speaks our language, so we’ve relied on shadow systems and non-integrated data sets to depict the “Whos, Whats, Wheres, and Whens” of our work. Yet, with the advent of the Extended Information System (Efforts-to-Outcomes (ETO) software) and the technical assistance from the Office of Health & Opportunity, ASAP now has the opportunity to effectively and efficiently capture the more important “Whys” and “Hows”  -- the data that directly connects our mission to our impact. As a result, the ETO software has become a focal point of the organization’s recent completed strategic plan – a tool to help hold us accountable to our ambitious goals, a shared language to help reduce staff silos, and a major resource for new staff orientation. While we are only beginning to scratch the surface of its capability, we are extremely eager to use the software system to help chart our course and to share its growing value with our partners and peers." --Justin Ennis, Executive Director, ASAP/After School Activities Partnerships


As one senior debater for Science Leadership Academy explained, “Before debate, I was never willing to change my opinions…[But] in debate, I constantly had to learn both sides of the argument.” N. reflected on how Debate has affected her ability to see things from more than one perspective.


When asked about why she likes to play Scrabble, a 5th Grade student at Howe Elementary explains “It expands my vocabulary. I never played Scrabble before and I learned two things: new words and how to play Scrabble.” And of course, many students simply like the game. A 4th Grader who joined ASAP’s Scrabble club this year explained that she joined because “[My friend] said that it is fun, and you can win!”  


Power Up!’s (drama) club leader is an English Language Learners (ELL) teacher at Stetson and has has found that through acting things out, students’ English fluency has improved and they have become more confident. In the Drama Club, “they’re always applying things from their classes. It’s cool to see them apply what they’re learning.”


Click here to see the full article PhillyBOOST put together as well as explore the rest of their site! 

Mayor Nutter Gets Schooled at Chess Marathon

Mayor Nutter Gets Schooled at Chess Marathon


Returning from a one-year hiatus to the six-year tradition, Mayor Nutter was defeated by one of Philadelphia's best players - 12-year-old Candida Layla Wilcox, in a special exhibition match at the eighth annual PECO-ASAP Checkmate Violence Chess Marathon. The marathon, presented by PECO and designed to promote safe and engaging after school programming, was held from Saturday, January 31 to Sunday, February 1 at Temple University.

For more information on the Mayor's game against Candida check out this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

ASAP coordinates the Philadelphia Youth Chess Challenge, a community of 3,500 students playing weekly in schools, libraries, and recreation and community centers throughout the city.

Tweet to help 10,000 families find safe afterschool programs.


#GivingTuesday has arrived with exciting news:


Today ASAP will be honored by GlaxoSmithKline as part of the 2014 GSK IMPACT Awards for exceptional achievements in contributing to a healthier Philadelphia. As part of the GSK IMPACT Award, ASAP has been invited to participate in a $10K Challenge grant. Throughout the day ASAP and other participating organizations are proposing via Twitter how we would use $10,000 to foster a healthier community.


If awarded ASAP will connect 10,000 families in Philadelphia to ASAP’s citywide directory of after school programs with more than 900 site listings and information on thousands of safe and enriching activities to promote the physical, mental and emotional health of youth throughout the city.


Far too often, communities with the greatest needs have the fewest resources to address those needs in a comprehensive, systemic effort. And while it is true that families in the region are facing unprecedented challenges – particularly in the realm of public education -- ASAP has learned through the years that Philadelphia is a city rich with meaningful, life-changing opportunities for young people. ASAP’s Directory of after school programs is testimony to that fact. The challenge, then, becomes how to seize this moment to make Philadelphia a smarter, safer, healthier city one after school program at a time. With the help of our partners and supporters, this is a challenge that ASAP eagerly accepts. 


How to Help:

Engage us on Twitter! Part of the challenge is which organization has the most meaningful comments and questions in their Twitter conversations between 9am and 3pm today.


We would greatly appreciate it if you would visit us on Twitter @PhillyASAP and tweet about your experience with the Directory, why you think the Directory is important, questions about the Directory, or anything in between to help ASAP in the challenge.


Be sure to connect by using #GSKimpact and @GSKUS!  


To donate to ASAP visit:

What is #GivingTuesday?



 Thanksgiving day is for being thankful. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are for shopping. But most importantly for ASAP is 

#GivingTuesday -- a global day dedicated to giving back.
On Tuesday, December 2, 2014 people around the world will come together for a common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.
Starting the morning of Tuesday, December 2nd ASAP will reach out to its supporters via email, Facebook and Twitter to make a #GivingTuesday donation to support after school clubs for kids in Philadelphia. Shout outs and thank yous will be made throughout the following week so that supporters can share the #GivingTuesday spirit with their own network of friends and followers.
It’s a simple idea. Just give what you can. Then tell everyone you can about how you are giving. Be a part of a global celebration of a new tradition of generosity.

As after school activities in Philadelphia schools face budget cuts, donations to ASAP will support:

  • Weekly debates with more than 100 high school students engaging in topics such as genetically modified foods and United States' involvement in the Middle East.
  • Student performers overcoming their stage fright and showing off their acting chops at the annual ASAP Drama Showcase
  • Young English Language Learners building literacy skills and learning a love of reading through fun Scrabble clubs
  • Monthly all girls chess workshops to engage female chess players and encourage pride amongst chess-playing girls 

This #GivingTuesday help ASAP make a stronger, safer and smarter Philadelphia.


Like ASAP on Facebook or Follow ASAP on Twitter for more information! 

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