2016 ASAP Directory Release

2016 ASAP Directory Release

Wednesday, September 14, 2016, ASAP & The Philadelphia Daily News, are releasing the 2016-17 Directory of Philadelphia after school programs. ASAP staff and volunteers will be distributing free copies of the directory at 15th & Market St., at 8:00 A.M.

After school is not just a time when kids get to BE themselves – it's a time they get to BECOME themselves through enriching experiences that develop important skills, foster positive relationships and broaden horizons. This year's ASAP Directory features more than 1,000 site listings and almost every activity imaginable to keep kids safe and engaged after school.

 Following the release of the 2016 ASAP Directory in the Philadelphia Daily News, additional copies will be sent to all city schools, libraries, recreation centers and offices of elected officials. We encourage all readers to share the ASAP Directory with parents, caregivers and youth workers so that together we can create a safer, healthier and smarter city for our children, one after school program at a time.

Thanks to a partnership with the Mayor's Commission on Literacy, city residents without home internet access can find a shortcut to the ASAP Directory on the desktop of computers at KEYSPOT locations throughout the city.

In addition, with the support of ASAP's friends and partners, the Philadelphia Daily News, Philadelphia Media Network, Citizens Bank, NBCUniversal, Lenfest Foundation, the Horner Foundation and the City of Philadelphia's Department of Human Services, the Directory gets bigger and more useful each year.

For More Information:
Please Contact Paul Carroll
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 215-545-2727 ext. 11

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